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Bicycle Blog Thursday

Today reminds me that Thursday Bicycles wasn’t at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show last weekend. Jon Norstag of Thursday Bicycles in Idaho specializes in bomb proof steel frames designed and built for downhill and cross country riding, but what I especially like is his Mutton Master sheep herding and utility bike.

Sweatpea Bicycle Bombshell

Natalie Ramsland is Sweetpea Bikes of Portland, Oregon. She traditionally builds road style bikes for recreational, touring and commuter use, but she recently unveiled her Bombshell, a beautiful steel hardtail mountain bike.

Freakonomics looks at used bicycle prices

Freakonomics blog contributor Robin Goldstein decided to get an inexpensive, used bike to get around like the natives on his recent visit to Portland, Oregon. What he discovered, however, is there is no such thing as “used” and “inexpensive” when it comes to bicycles in Portland. Yeah, the bike guy answered, he had something super-cheap read more »

Freakanomics and bicycle licenses

The Freakanomics blog briefly mentions Wayne Krieger’s proposed bike tax in Oregon. Wayne Kriger, the bill’s chief architect (and, natch, a non-cyclist), says bike riders should help pay for the roads they use. Just be glad he didn’t propose a Pay As You Drive fee. nVidia pushes for bike commuters. Bicycle Design: Uganda Cargo Bike. read more »

Wednesday bicycle news

Don’t forget: You can win a free ebook about goal setting. Road raging driver gets out of his Cadillac and stabbed a bicyclist in San Francisco. Police officers quickly found the motorist and “extracted him” from the car “at gunpoint.” Why were the SFPD so concerned about this instance of bicyclist abuse? It turns out read more »

Thursday bicycle news

Tooting my own horn: I was the Good Samaritan. Do a good turn daily. “Waiting” by Pieter Musterd, CC license. 30 speeds on a bike are confusing to the neophyte, so Taiwanese researchers created a computer optimized gear change notifier for derailleur equipped bicycles. The device tells the cyclist how to shift for their speed read more »