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Out riding…

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. My family and I are riding Amtrak to Sacramento and spending the weekend biking along the American River Trail. I’m traveling light so no computer and no email. For those who have my cell phone number: well, I lost my phone this week. Sorry! Like Randy read more »

Be a Silicon Valley “Route Scout”

Are you “that friend” who people ask for advice on getting somewhere by bike? Do you enjoy finding ways to use your bike to run errands, visit friends, or get to work?

Adeline Adeline: Bicycle Boutique

Julie Hirschfeld was a New York graphic designer when she fell in love with bikes — specifically, “classic” city bikes designed for comfortable, upright riding. She visited a few New York City shops, but found they mostly cater to performance and fixed gear enthusiasts, so she established a new kind of bike shop.

Day late, dollar short

I’m a day light for this week’s edition of bicycle jobs. Sorry, but I’ve been out riding.

Happy Friday

Happy Friday, boys and girls. Stay tuned: I have photos of President Obama & his family riding bikes. For most of this summer I’ve biked the 22 mile distance to San Jose from my office in Menlo Park. I usually Caltrain to work in the morning, but yesterday I planned to bike in. Unfortunately, I read more »

Stinky jerseys + Win Detergent FTW

Those who follow me on Instagram know I’ve just returned from a road trip to visit family and friends in Colorado, where I managed to also sneak in about a hundred miles of road riding. A 50 mile ride on July 4 around Colorado Springs resulted in bike gear soaked with sweat, which went into read more »