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Annie Cohen Kopchovsky biked around the world

March is Women’s History Month, when bike bloggers quote Susan B. Anthony ( bicycling “has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world”) and temperance reformer Frances Willard, who used bicycling as a metaphor for control over her destiny. Their achievements are notable, but let’s talk about the first woman to wheel read more »

Bay Area Cyclists: Ride your bike in an upcoming Verizon commercial

  Verizon is seeking a cyclist for an upcoming commercial shoot in the Bay Area. Casting will be held Thursday, December 20th and Friday, December 21st. So if you’re a male cyclist between the ages of 30-38 and are white or hispanic, you might be able to pick up a quick $1500! Here are the read more »

2011 Tour de Cupcake SF

Buy tickets now to the 2011 Tour de Cupcake in San Francisco.

LAB members! Help put these candidates on the upcoming ballot

(Full disclosure: I’m working with LAB Reform in an effort to put some reform-minded candidates onto the League’s board of directors. We’re asking LAB members to sign the petition to put John Brooking, Eli Damon, and Khal Spencer on the upcoming ballot.) The League board changed their bylaws in July this year. The change permits read more »

PC & Pixel: Dooring

Tour de Cupcake

An alleycat style race for all types of riders. Presented by the Bike Kitchen. Hat tip to Alison.