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Pass to the left of the bus

When passing a bus or other large vehicle, don’t try to squeeze by on the right. You’ll get squished. It’s a good idea to move far enough left so the driver can see you in his mirror and so there’s a little bit of escape room if that bus starts to move. I’m keeping up read more »

California Assemblyman Steven Bradford introduces 3 foot passing bill

Will the third time be the charm? Steven Bradford of Gardena, California introduced Yet Another Attempt at a safe passing law by amending AB 1371. It has the usual safe passing with a minimum of three feet language we’ve seen in the previous two attempts introduced before by then-State-Senator Alan Lowenthal (who has moved on read more »

Sharing the road with a city bus

With the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) planning Bus Rapid Transit in the area, there’s a debate among local cyclists in Silicon Valley on the preferred bike lane treatment around city bus pullouts.

Santa Cruz County road closures, bus detours today

Santa Cruz Metro announces bus detours and delays for Monday, May 14 2012 due to the Amgen Tour of California passing through the county.

Bus vs rail

One of those contentious issues among some transit advocates is the promotion of rail versus bus (and especially Quality Bus or Bus Rapid Transit) for public transportation. I’ve mostly been on the fence about this as an interested bystander who rides both bus and rail, though I probably lean more towards the “bus” argument since read more »

California law change: Passing on right

Imagine you’re bicycling alongside stopped traffic in California in a five foot bike lane. Because anything can happen, you’re alert and biking at about 5 to 10 MPH. A door to your left lurches open and strikes you, knocking you to the ground. Who’s at fault, and who wins the civil action when you sue read more »