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Pearl Izumi ad

You rock, says Pearl Izumi. Via Pedaleiro in Brazil.

Pearl Izumi’s Legal Doping Coffee and cycling

Nobody likes a smart aleck so I’ve been trying to keep quiet about this since I first saw Pearl Izumi’s “Legal Doping Coffee”, but the legalistic black-and-white Aspergerish side of me can’t let this go. This is Pearl Izumi’s Legal Doping Coffee, and I got a chuckle out of it. But what’s wrong with the read more »

Shimano buys Pearl Izumi

Nautilis will sell its Pearl Izumi sports apparel segment to Shimano for $65.3 million and assume $4.2 million in debt. The sale comes after Nautilus reported disappointing earnings and after Nautilus lost a proxy battle in which New York turnaround firm Sherborne Investors LP won two director seats and Sherborne partner Edward Bramson became chairman read more »

Pearl Izumi’s got anticar religion

Has anybody else noticed Pearl Izumi’s recent anti-car fervor? I present two items of evidence. Exhibit 1 is their “PETROLEUM: Satan’s Energy Drink” at their Interbike booth last September, complete with “$6.66″ for the price of gas. You can’t see it in this photo, but “Satan’s Energy Drink” is in huge letters at the bottom read more »

Eurobike Report

Eurobike, the big European bicycle industry trade and consumer show, opened to crowds under sunny skies in Germany in spite of a shaky economy.

Seasonal Commuting

Summer is finally here (well, has been for a few weeks now). It was an unusually cold and bitter winter, not so much with the snow, but just darn cold and icy. It doesn’t seem that long ago when it seemed summer would never come. Being a commuter, I am finely tuned to the weather read more »