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This is Reese late last night on the floor of the 24 hour emergency vet clinic in Santa Cruz. Reese became suddenly and profoundly ill yesterday and Sara called the vet yesterday morning. A full panel of diagnostic tests told us she was suffering major organ failure and there wasn’t much we could do. We read more »

Japanese pet porter bicycles

Do you know about those delivery bicycles with small front wheels and large front baskets? In Japan, these bike are apparently marketed for carrying your pets. This is the Coloco “Potta” — pronounced “po tah” (think how a Japanese person might pronounce porteur) — which retails for the equivalent of $360 American plus shipping. Another read more »

Nicholas Petris R.I.P.

The former California state senator from Oakland passed this morning. The notable East Bay liberal championed laws that restructured mental health care, controlled development around San Francisco Bay, and significantly expanded the University of California system. Petris tried several times to limit the sale of cars in California and was portrayed in editorial cartoons as read more »

Bike blogs for 2011

A lot of social media activity has migrated over this past year to portals like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Tumblr, but several new cycling blogs have caught my attention and yours in 2011.

Monday bike blogs recap

Happy Monday. Four days of bike racing finished up yesterday up in Redlands California. Visit the Redlands Classic website for race results and highlights videos. My pal Ross now runs Velo Reviews. Today’s Rate My Velo photo of the day is of this woman with a red umbrella I shot in Taiwan. Is it bragging read more »

Bike Hajj: Capetown to Mecca

Nathim Cairncross and Imtiyaz Ahmad Haron of Capetown, South Africa biked into Mecca for the Hajj after a nine month bicycle journey through 12 countries and thousands of kilometers.