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If it bleeds, part 28

Some of you may have seen this dramatic photo of a group of cyclists who were just riding along when they stopped to assist the occupants of this overturned vehicle at Twin Peaks in San Francisco, CA.

Always good for laughs

In this episode of People Behaving Badly by KRON 4 News Stanley Roberts, an ethics teacher tries to tell a parking enforcement officer (on bike, yay!) that she shouldn’t get a parking ticket because /ahem/ she teaches ethics? More Bicycle News Urban Velo has been posting photo galleries of products seen at Eurobike. Start here read more »

Major Taylor Movie

Producers Scott Mednick (produced “Where the Wild Things Are”, “10000 BC”, “Superman Returns”, “Ant Bully”, “We Are Marshal”) and Michael Dubrow (Entrepreneur:,, Vision Capital) are creating “Major The Movie” through their production company Major Motion Productions.

Major Taylor

I often sit near “Jen” on the bus ride to work. We were talking cycling and she told me that in her teen years she was obsessed with an African American track cyclist. I assumed she was talking about somebody contemporary. She couldn’t recall his name, but after she started talking about what he had read more »