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Pirate riders

The San Jose Bike Party held a fun, pirate themed scavenger hunt today in San Jose. A good time was had by all. Click on the photos to see all photos.

Bike Like a Pirate photos

My slideshow of photos during last Friday night’s “Ride Like a Pirate” theme Bike Party.

Bike Pirates?

Happy Birthday to Wirehead, who was born on Talk Like a Pirate Day and who wore a pirate shirt at the San Jose Bike Party last night.

Hump Day, Part 2

I feel completely and utterly uninspired today, so you get a two-fer on the Wednesday roundup. There’s some good stuff below the fold.

Hump Day

Parts of Texas is into day 40 with high temperatures above 100 degrees, and they’re well on track to beat their previous 42 day record set in 1980. When a strong high pressure like the one over Texas occurs, instability around the edges of the system can results in storms along that periperhy. That’s why read more »

Scallywag Scavenger Hunt Photos

San Jose Bike Party did a fun pirate themed scavenger hunt Saturday. Click any photo to see the full set.