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Bus or bike to Devil’s Slide

San Mateo County Parks in California opened the brand new Devil’s Slide Trail to the public at 1 PM today. The trail was formerly a section of California State Route 1 and offers access to stunning views of the Pacific coast between the cities of Pacifica and Half Moon Bay south of San Francisco. That read more »

Buyer beware on those cheap “super bright” bicycle lights

I have always purchased bicycle lights from well-known, recognized brands, and over about the past decade I’ve favored American brands such as Nite Rider (based in San Diego) and Light and Motion (which does manufacturing outside of Monterey, California). Made-In-America from an established brand with a reputation for quality translates into a premium price, and read more »

Blumenauer as Secretary of Transportation?

Some people speculate that Earl Blumenauer, the famous bicycling Congressman from Oregon, may be invited to join Barack Obama’s cabinet as the Secretary of Transportation. What do you think? More: Planetizen, Gristmill, Bike Portland.