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Please pay attention

If you hit another car in traffic, it’s probably just another fender bender. If you hit a cyclist, you might cause a death or serious injury. Austin Murphy pleads with motorists to “Open your eyes!” in his Sports Illustrated column. I was at the far right edge of the road. The car didn’t stop. I read more »

San Jose Hedding Street bike lanes under attack

Hedding Street trafic calming tl/dr summary Hedding Street reduced from four lanes to three lanes as a traffic calming project through a mostly residential area. As a bonus, bike lanes added. Traffic calming successful as speed reduced with minimal impact on throughput. But motorists driving through complain anyway. Numerous news reports since then highlight this read more »

Level of Service and motoring convenience über alles for San Jose intersection

To serve the controversial Summerhill / Santa Clara Gardens development on the site of the former UC Bay Area Research and Extension Center (BAREC) near Valley Fair Mall, the city of San Jose reconfigured the intersection of Forest Avenue at Winchester Boulevard. The cities removed a signalized crosswalk to improve Level of Service across the read more »

Bicycle blog link love and other stuff…

Watch for Yet Another Book Giveaway later today! Here’s another edition of link love to recognize those blogs that have used my Creative Commons licensed photos.

California bicycle legislation

While we’re carrying on about state park closings, transportation funding inequities, and budget deficits, there are a handful of bills currently in the California legislature that may have a direct impact on bicyclists in the Golden State.

Another Hack

Cyclelicious was hacked again last night. Below the fold are details along with info about potential malware on some of your PCs that you should take care of.