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1001 Bicycles

I ran across this crazily thick and heavy book the other day: 1001 Bicycles to Dream of Riding.

Judge Doom’s brilliant plan to improve California transportation

“Who Framed Roger Rabbit” follows the adventures of private investigator Eddie Valiant as he investigates the murder of Marvin Acme. The motive of the murder is foreshadowed early on when Valiant hops a ride on the Pacific Electric Red Car trolley. “Hey Mister,” says a teen boy on the train. “Ain’t you got a car?” read more »

How stolen bike recovery works in California

With San Francisco’s launch of a voluntary bicycle registration program, I figure it’s time to explain how bicycle registration and stolen property recovery works in California.

Cyclocross on a bike share bike

The Chicago Sun Times blogs says this is Frederick Wu of Spidermonkey Cycling in Chicago. He was seen hucking that 40 pound Divvy bike last weekend at Chicago Cross Cup where he placed 83rd in the men’s Cat 4/5 Open race. Photo by Craig Newman and used with his permission. View his whole set of read more »

Can Toronto keep Bixi alive?

Over the objections of an absent Mayor Rob Ford, the Toronto city council voted earlier today to bail out the financially troubled Toronto Bike Share program operated by Bixi.

Unusual bike racks

Lady Fleur reviews an old and interesting bike rack that she calls the Jaws of Death Torture Rack. It’s a design that dates from the 70s, and creator of this rack apparently invited thieves to test their design with a contest. The design is such that a simple padlock is protected from cutting and grinding read more »