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Practice makes perfect

“Missed it by that much!”: Team Astana’s Lance Armstrong on missing the yellow jersey today by a fraction of a second. Astana previewed the course in Montpellier in the days leading up to the Tour start, and this practice paid off for them as they expertly navigated the technical course with its tight twists and read more »

Bike lawyers on media and police bias

In the aftermath of the Cupertino bicycle fatalities, in which law abiding cyclists were struck and killed by an apparently dozing driver, the San Francisco Chronicle published this article about law breaking scofflaw cyclists. Besides the whole disconnect from the media (law abiding cyclists die, so lets talk about those law breaking cyclists we always read more »

Tipping the wrench?

I can relate to Fat Cyclist’s experience in “strange” bike shops, how they make you feel like an idiot after asking a perfectly reasonable question. As a loyal LBS customer, I’ve also had the odd transaction Fatty describes, where I paid *more* than the asking price on stuff. Somebody has to make the owner’s boat read more »