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Princeton Tec Swerve bicycle tail light

The new Princeton Tec Swerve is my new favorite bicycle tail light. It features 2 half watt super bright LEDs, a multitude of mounting options, and a great big toggle switch for easy on/off operation. Princeton Tec introduced the Swerve light at the Sea Otter Classic last weekend. My biggest grip about most bike lights read more »

Shorter days, Brighter lights

If you looked at bright Harvest Moon last night, you might have noticed a brilliant star closer to the horizon. This is the planet Jupiter, which is at its closest and brightest in decades. Besides the moon, Jupiter is plainly visible at night for Northern Hemisphere viewers even in light polluted urban areas, and is read more »

Stuff I like: Bicycle lights

If you’re looking for a gift for the cyclist in your life, here’s are the lights I’ve been using this year that have worked out well. Lights I really like the NiteRider Minewt Mini USB headlight. 110 lumens for 3 hours at under $100. You charge with any powered USB connection, the flexible band mount read more »