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2010 NAHBS Interview: Ted Wojcik of Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles

Ted Wojcik of Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles talked with Heather Higgins on the first day of the 2010 Shimano North American Handmade Bicycle Show about two of the bikes he brought to the show.

Bicycle Speed Vest

I linked to this yesterday, but this bicycle vest that displays your speed is cool enough for its own post. This high visibility vest with reflective panels also displays the cyclist’s speed with large, lighted numerals. A sensor on the wheels sends the speed data to a small computer, which is programmed to display the read more »

Google AdSense TOS change — publish your privacy policy

Those of you who visit my cycling blog no doubt have noticed that I participate in Google’s AdSense program, and I know several other bloggers also use Google AdSense. Google has recently updated their terms and conditions for using their AdSense program. When you log in to AdSense to see how many pennies you’ve made read more »

Create your own Bike Snob franchise

Contest below! Regulars readers of Cyclelicious know I have no skill for humor. I thoroughly enjoy Bike Snob NYC, however. A couple of copycats have popped up who try to copy his formula for humor, including my own computer scripted Autosnob experiment. A couple of people have asked me how the Autosnob works. Like any read more »

vSphere 5 Network PXE install

Note to my regular readers: There is no cycling or transportation content in this article about installing and booting VMware ESXi 5.x via the network, which is related to my day job of operating systems bringup in a group that designs new x86 server hardware.

A job for bike riding stalkers

Attention all pervy bike riders with your telephoto camera lenses: Get paid to stalk! Covert surveillance using your bicycle in Denver, CO. Looking for an individual who is experienced at covert surveillance. Able to follow target and anticipate next move. Most of the surveillance will be done from your vehicle, bicycle or walking. Must be read more »