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Bike school: Should people on bikes be required to use bike paths?

Happy Friday, all. I occasionally participate in the weekly BikeSchool Twitter conversation that takes place every Thursday night beginning at 6 P.M. California time. A “professor” asks a series of questions to generate discussion on bike-related topics. Last night’s guest professor, Matthew Dyrdahl, is the Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator for the city of Minneapolis, MN. read more »

Just an accident and prosecution

In 2009, Craig Munro was out for revenge after he saw his lover Brendan Gannaway kiss a woman. When Munro saw Gannaway biking to work outside of Brisbane, Queensland Australia, Munro hit the gas and plowed into Gannaway and his bike. Munro was arrested, found guilty and sentenced to four years in prison.

Doctor in cuffs: What’s the lesson?

Guest essay from Serge Issakov of La Jolla, California. Posted originally to the CABO Forum and republished here with his permission. The attitude and ignorance of Dr. Christopher Thompson is all too familiar for most bicyclists, exemplified by the fact that he admitted to police at the scene that he slammed on his brakes “to read more »

Bicycle Highway 17?

Riding a bicycle on California Route 17 over the Santa Cruz Mountains is legal between Los Gatos and Scotts Valley, but in no way do I recommend trying to share the road on this highway. You’re sharing the road with very heavy high speed traffic which is often moving well beyond the 50 mph speed read more »

Bicycle blog link dump

Bicycle news from around the world of bicycle blogs. First of all, I owe Jamie a link because he posted a bike haiku. Bike Snob’s guide to falling down on your bike commute in snow and ice. Theft proof bicycle ideas. Some intelligent discussion about this is at Bicycle Design. Light and Motion wins the read more »