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If it bleeds, part 28

Some of you may have seen this dramatic photo of a group of cyclists who were just riding along when they stopped to assist the occupants of this overturned vehicle at Twin Peaks in San Francisco, CA.

Occupy the streets

Long time readers of Cyclelicious understand the historical context of pedestrian and cyclist road rights in the United States. To very quickly summarize, roads were once a public throughway for all modes of transportation. Before about 70 years ago, common law and public opinion recognized the operator of the more dangerous conveyance was responsible for read more »

This bike is a bomb

Stolen bike is a science project with explosive potential.

NYPD and cyclists

NYPD officer who’s also a regular bike commuter talks about his job and the perceptions cops have of New York cyclists.

Golden Gate bike speed limit update

    Golden Gate Bridge officials propose 15 MPH bike speed limit, with 5 MPH limit when passing.    

Illinois three foot law

Illinois enacted a three foot passing law in 2007. That didn’t help David and Cindy Combs, the disabled couple from Champaign, IL who were hit by a driver as they rode their tandem bicycle to choir practice on Monday afternoon. Cindy, age 53, was killed in the crash. Her widower David remains in critical condition.