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Ow, my aching bottom. I rode 22 miles to work on a 54 pound bike this morning. The Schwinn Tailwind has a suspension seatpost and cushy gel saddle that works very well, but I replaced it with a standard seatpost and skinny saddle so I could tow my daughter on her trailer bike over the read more »

Big Sur bike explorations this Saturday

Update: We’ll meet 8:30 A.M. at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park parking lot, and bike roughly 20 miles to Paul’s Slide before turning around. Big Sur Taphouse near Pfeiffer Bridge is open for business and is a good place to stop for food and drink after the ride. Pace will likely be closer to 12 read more »

New York cyclists hurt 1000 pedestrians annually

But… 15 pedestrians injured by cars for every one hurt by a bike. Over 300 pedestrians are killed by cars for every one killed by a bicycle. A recently released study finds about 1,000 pedestrians are injured each year in collisions with cyclists in the state of New York.

Bikes = Economic Catastrophe

Will the US DOT recent policy change giving equal weight for multiple transportation modes result in ‘economic catastrophe’? US Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood’s March 15 policy announcement favoring bicycle transportation received a lot of favorable press from bike wonks like you and I. The National Association of Manufacturers fears the impact this policy could have read more »

DMCA and plagiarism

I broke the law and the law won. A lot of you noticed that Cyclelicious was down for about three hours earlier today. The reason? A DCMA takedown request for the “Bicycle Taxonomy” page. I had some licensed copy and artwork on my site that belongs to a website design company. I didn’t know it read more »

Drill, baby, drill!

“Drill, baby, drill” is apparently the message from oil and gas industry representatives toward their contacts at the Minerals Management Service, according to a report that finds Federal bureaucrats engaged in “brief sexual relations with industry contacts.” The report also finds a “culture of substance abuse and promiscuity.” The U.S. Interior Department Minerals Management Service read more »