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Remote control bike brakes

The Bike Stoppa is billed as a safety device to enable parents to apply brakes to their children’s bicycle. All I can see are some wonderful practical joke applications, but that’s just me. It’s Monday, so I’ll avoid ranting about the ridiculous safety concerns about this device and let you have at it instead. Hat’s read more »

Happy Pi Day

3.14 is Pi Day. And Happy Birthday Albert Einstein.

2010 Breezer Thunder first impressions

In the early 90s, Joe Breeze introduced the aluminum Breezer Thunder. He stopped production of all mountain bikes after 1998 to focus on bicycle advocacy and, later, he relaunched Breezer Bikes as a commuter bike company. Something old, something new. For the 2010 model year, Breeze will re-introduce the retro but all modern Breezer Thunder read more »