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Fire drill at the office turned out to be an ice c…

Fire drill at the office turned out to be an ice cream social, featuring tons of Ben & Jerry’s. And I worked from home today :-/

@ladyfleur Was that building wearing a helmet and…

@ladyfleur Was that building wearing a helmet and safety vest? I hope that car recovers from its damage. @MtnViewFire

An American survey of dooring laws

The Senate Transportation Committee of the Virginia General Assembly today consider SB 736, an anti-dooring bill that would bring Virginia’s motor vehicle code in line with the 90% of the nation that has the identical law on their books. Unfortunately, after some legislators and other opinion makers have branded what should be common sense as read more »

Refinery fire means higher California gas prices

How many you in Northern California noticed gas prices creep up beginning about 10 days ago, long before the Chevron refinery fire?

Wheels of Fire movie trailer

The man who brought you “It’s All About Performance” and “Get Dirty” now brings you “Wheels of Fire.” This spoof movie trailer shows how bicycling and “the right girl” changes the life of Tommy.

Owl City – Fireflies

Fireflies, dreams, youthfulness, imagination, and bicycles.