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Road ragers and cyclists

Is there a full moon or something? Colorado Springs, Colorado: Police said Timothy Hombs was driving his Dodge Caravan near the intersection of Palmer Park Boulevard and Wooten Road at about 2 p.m. Monday, when he spotted a bicycle that he thought belonged to his son.“He believed the bike had been stolen and he intentionally read more »

Road rager with gun

A group of cyclists in Georgia are on their morning ride when a motorist buzzes the group. And then… We followed him, because that’s the way we were planning on going. The guy was in front of the group and started brake-checking and stuff and being weird. Then he pulled over to the right side read more »

Happy Hump Day

Which bicycling related term beginning with “H” I can use for the title alliteration in this post? Headset? Hairnet? Hoo haw? About about “Hit and run“? I’ll begin this edition of bike news with this hairy incident of a San Francisco bus driver who hits a cyclist on Market Street… and keeps going.