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Injury hit & run vs cyclist in Fremont, CA

Attention East Bay and south Bay: be on the lookout for a four-door, dark-colored 1995 Toyota sedan (something like a Corolla or a Camry?) with probable front end damage. Investigators are looking for a hit-and-run driver who struck and seriously injured a bicyclist in Fremont early Thursday morning, a police spokeswoman said. The collision occurred read more »

Rumble strips for Highway 1 north of Santa Cruz

Caltrans plans to install rumble strips into the centerline and along the shoulders of California Route 1 from Santa Cruz north to Davenport.

Hump Day Break

Happy Wednesday. Here’s a collection of stuff I’ve been ignoring all week while I’ve been watching the Tour of California.

Police blotter

Announcing @chpfatal: In response to the recent fascination with bike accident map projects, I’ve created @chpfatal on Twitter. It’s a real time feed of fatal car crashes in California as reported by the California Highway Patrol. We had about 3,000 traffic fatalities in California in 2009, which is about eight lost lives everyday. The Twitter read more »

California law change: Passing on right

Imagine you’re bicycling alongside stopped traffic in California in a five foot bike lane. Because anything can happen, you’re alert and biking at about 5 to 10 MPH. A door to your left lurches open and strikes you, knocking you to the ground. Who’s at fault, and who wins the civil action when you sue read more »

Assistant Fire Chief Larry Conklin

This one’s a winner… A Bridgeport man lost control of his bike when he hit a pothole and suffered facial lacerations and a road rash shoulder requiring medical treatment. Assistant Fire Chief Larry Conklin said the accident underlines the importance of always wearing a bicycle helmet. Can Dr. Conklin explain how a helmet would have read more »