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Graphic Designer jobs in the bicycle industry, and more

  Greetings Cycleicious community! My name is Michael Edelstone and I’ll be posting occasionally about the interesting bicycle industry jobs I’ve discovered. Like Richard I’ll probably omit standard retail gigs or pedicabbing jobs unless they’re real flashy. A little bit about me: I’ve been working in the bicycle industry since 2005. These days you’ll find read more »


I initially intended to ride up to Half Moon Bay from Santa Cruz last Saturday. The ocean breeze typically picks up significantly in the afternoon, and the usual tactic for local cyclists is to go north in the morning and ride the tailwind for the return trip. My really late start meant I was fighting read more »

Hallucinogens in my Nescafe

In case your green lifestyle leaves you feeling overly smug, there’s now a Nitrogen Footprint Calculator to abase yourself with.