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SF Critical Mass 1915

Enjoy this silent footage of a mass bike ride in Golden Gate Park in 1915. The cyclists rode to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Check out the double decker tallbike at the beginning of this short film!

SF Critical Mass

A sorta new SF Critical Mass blog with do’s and dont’s of CM. Explanation of the reason for this blog at Streetsblog SF. CM is on the last Friday of the month. That would be on Christmas Day this month.

SF Police Chief: Another Critical Mass crackdown?

Back in 1997, then Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco was slipping in the polls. To direct attention away from his failing policies, he set out to crack down on the San Francisco Critical Mass. When 5,000 cyclists showed up at Justin Hermann Plaza in response to Brown’s public challenge to Critical Mass, police responded read more »

What does “Critical Mass” mean to you?

If you played word association with Joe and Jane Random, how would they respond to Critical Mass? In 1934, Hungarian phycisist Leó Szilárd filed his patent for a neutron-induced nuclear chain reaction and introduced the concept of “critical mass.” The critical mass is the smallest amount of fissile material needed for a sustained nuclear chain read more »

Dwayne Wade in Critical Mass; San Francisco 20th Anniversary photos

We already know Miami Heat point guard Dwayne Wade is an avid urban cyclist. He also participated in tonight’s Miami Critical Mass.

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LAPD to participate in Critical Mass

After last month’s LA Critical Mass ride during which police officers allegedly used violence against some of the cyclists, the LAPD announced they will attend tonight’s Critical Mass.