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Safety lighting for cyclists

The Safety Illumination of Rider light (“SIR Light”) from Safe Bicycling Innovations mounts to the seat tube or seat post to illuminate the cyclists legs. According to inventor Dr. James Carillo, the standard bicycle lights “does nothing to identify the rider as a bicyclist.” Carillo created the SIR Light after a near accident with a read more »

Fewer injury crashes after Tampa police stop ticketing cyclists

TL;DR summary: Injury bicycle crashes dropped 19 percent after Tampa police stopped writing tickets to scofflaw cyclists when a newspaper investigation revealed possible racial bias in the department’s targeted enforcement.

Notes from the Silicon Valley Bike Summit

I attended the 5th Annual Silicon Valley Bicycle Summit last Wednesday along with about 200 other people, which Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition Director Shiloh Ballard tells me is the largest crowd they’ve had.

A lost helmet, a broken crank

I lost my bike helmet this morning. But first, check out this dramatic photo from the UCI Track Cycling World Championships earlier today in Paris, France. View image |

San Mateo County health seeks proposals to promote cycling

San Mateo County Health System is the public health agency for San Mateo County on the San Francisco Peninsula. They’ve published a call for proposals to train health system employees on the use of non-car transportation to agency work locations in San Mateo and will pay up to $10,000 for a contractor who can complete read more »

Bay Area bicycle news update

Happy Friday the 13th.