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San Francisco Film Festival

The San Francisco Bicycle Film Festival started yesterday. It continues through Saturday. Visit the Bicycle Film Festival site for schedule, locations, and other details. More Bay Area news below… About 100 San Francisco Bicycle Coalition members held a rally on Monday at city hall, demanding activity on the court-mandated environmental review process. The SF City read more »

San Francisco bicycle film festival continues…

The San Francisco Bicycle Film Festival started on Wednesday, but continues tonight and through the weekend. See the schedule of films and fun at

Bicycle Film Festival Sacramento

The Bicycle Film Festival Sacramento begins tonight and continues through the weekend. Details here. Thank you to Soraya @ My Dutch Bike in San Francisco for the heads up on this.

Bill Cunningham and the SF International Film Festival

81 year old New York Times style photographer Bill Cunningham gets around his city by bike. Filmmaker Richard Press and producer Philip Gefter followed Cunningham to create “Bill Cunningham New York,” an 88 minute documentary that will show at the San Francisco International Film Festival that began April 22 and continues through May 6. Cunningham read more »

Bicycle Film Festival

Cute trailer for the 2009 Bicycle Film Festival… BFF in Minneapolis continues through this weekend. In San Francisco, the Bicycle Film Festival kicks off next Tuesday, July 14.

Consider Q when bunny hopping that sagging chain

Bunny hopping — the ability to jump your bike over small barriers — can be a helpful urban cycling skill. Consider, however, the sagging chain barrier. These are commonly used to block motorists from using parking lots as shortcuts.