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San Francisco bicyclist survey

If you’re an involved cyclist in San Francisco, you no doubt already know of this survey. The San Francisco Senior Action Network is conducting a survey to understand why cyclists ride on the sidewalk in San Francisco. Sidewalk cyclists who have taken the survey so far say they would avoid the sidewalk if more bike read more »

Hump Day

Parts of Texas is into day 40 with high temperatures above 100 degrees, and they’re well on track to beat their previous 42 day record set in 1980. When a strong high pressure like the one over Texas occurs, instability around the edges of the system can results in storms along that periperhy. That’s why read more »

10 bike stories of 2010

Here are my thoughts on some of the big bicycle stories of 2010.

2009 Top USA Bicycling Cities

The US Census Bureau released their 2009 American Community Survey numbers last week. This survey and the League of American Bicyclists and some news analysts crunched the numbers to divine the number of people who biked to work in 2009.

Monday morning bike report

Happy USA Bike Month! Today is another beautiful day in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Caltrain bike cars are getting noticeably busier now that Caltrain’s survey of bikes on board is done. A great big thank you to REI, who linked to my celebrities on bikes page to their nearly 17,000 Twitter followers read more »

Behaviorial shifts in Bay Area commutes

Mercury News: ‘Large shifts in behavior’ during commutes create new problems — As gas prices climb menacingly toward $5 a gallon, Silicon Valley residents are changing the ways they commute – but some of the new solutions are creating problems of their own. Elizabeth Finkler of San Jose is leaving her car at home and read more »