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San Francisco bike thief photos

Some members of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition noticed a guy chopping at a bike cable lock with bolt cutters. One of them chased after the guy while the other one shot photos of the alleged perpetrator. Wonder of wonders, police even responded to their 911 call. H/T to Murph.

Bike train fun and a round up

We welcomed some newcomers to the San Jose Bike Train this morning, which is our casual morning bike commute from San Jose Diridon Station to destinations north along the Guadalupe River Trail. Photo of the ride start courtesy of San Jose DOT bike coordinator John Brazil. More bike stuff under the photo. And remember, California: read more »

The face of a Santa Cruz bike thief

The big guy in the blue shirt seemed friendly enough as he hopped on the Highway 17 bus to Santa Cruz. He’s visiting Santa Cruz from San Francisco, we start talking bikes and he begins bragging about the bikes and bike parts he steals in Marin County and San Francisco!

George the bike thief

Security video catches “George” in the act of stealing a Trek 5500 OCLV bicycle from a bike parking area in San Francisco.

Bike Tuesday roundup

There ain’t nothin’ worse than being called a no good bicycle thief.

San Francisco: Bike theft sting

CBS says the local police plan a sting operation to catch bike thieves. They’ll equip random bikes with tracking devices to try to track down organized groups of bike thieves. Via < a href=”