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San Francisco car fires

Somebody’s setting cars on fire in San Francisco. This morning’s San Francisco Examiner dead tree edition had this big, end-of-the-world headline on the front page: “CAR BLAZE VANDAL TERRORIZES CITY“. Sure, it’s a big inconvenience to lose your car, and I realize some people depend on their cars for their livelihood, but are people in read more »

Haze and heat, and a bike train

It’s not the heat that gets you; it’s the haze. Here’s why I didn’t ride this past weekend.

Thrilling ride

Picture me riding downhill on a fixed gear bike, kicking to skid to a stop when the chain snaps. There’s just a thrilling second of freewheeling. Before I can even think of reacting the broken chain wraps itself between the rear fork and the spinning wheel. Suddenly, the wheels locks up tight, and I skid read more »

Sunny and hot

TGIF. The weather is supposed to be sunny and hot along the coast this weekend, which means the Bay Area Air Quality Management District has declared a Spare the Air Day for Saturday because of expected high ozone levels. With this wonderful weather and dropping gasoline prices, we’ll see a lot of beach and boardwalk read more »

Oakland protest photos

“Protestor on Bicycle With Riot Cops in Distance as Sun Begins to Set, Oakland Riots, 2010.” Photo by Thomas Hawk. San Francisco photographer Thomas Hawk was in Oakland last night after the Mehserle verdict was read and protesters demanding justice for Oscar Grant held an impromptu open streets event. The police announced an unlawful assembly read more »

LED Headlights for your bicycle

NOTE: Watch for a contest this next week. The prize will be one of these leather toe clip sewing kits from “Swamp” in Tokyo. Jim G writes about his next LED bike light project. There’s a ton of LED lighting technology available now and Jim writes his thoughts on what he’ll with some of the read more »