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San Francisco fixed gear riding

Macaframa in San Francisco is releasing a new DVD this summer featuring fixed gear cycling in San Francisco. View the video below for a taste . And this little snippet from Macaframa absolutely rocks. I wasn’t originally planning on it, but I think I might spend the Independence Day weekend in San Francisco. More at read more »

Wreckless riding

[ Yes, the misspelling is intentional, because there were no (fatal) wrecks. Hence, “wreckless.” ]

San Francisco bicycle photo contest

Long time bike guy Gary Boulanger is writing Where to Bike San Francisco, a new bicycling resource guidebook to be published in late 2011, and he needs your photos. He’s even offering cash prizes of up to $300 for those willing to submit photos for publication in the book.

Mass market fixed gear bike

Triax is a brand of Dynacraft bicycle sold at Target stores in the United States. Retail price is $150 but it’s often on sale for half that, and you can find them at flea markets for even less. It’s a junky, ugly road bike, but if you’re looking for something cheap and functional it’s not read more »

Tailwinds for you

I wrote an application that checks the weather forecast each morning for select US West Coast cities. If higher winds are forecast, this application automatically tweets the time, direction and speed for your possible beneficial use. You can check my Twitter after 6 AM Pacific for these forecasts.

Thrilling ride

Picture me riding downhill on a fixed gear bike, kicking to skid to a stop when the chain snaps. There’s just a thrilling second of freewheeling. Before I can even think of reacting the broken chain wraps itself between the rear fork and the spinning wheel. Suddenly, the wheels locks up tight, and I skid read more »