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San Jose Bike Party last Friday

I wasn’t there but know some people who were, and by all accounts the changes the Bike Party organizers made resulted in a much smoother and more lawful ride. Wirehead’s video demonstrates some of the vibe of last Friday’s bike party — much mellower than some of the other recent rides. Wirehead has some more read more »

Friday: a death, and bike news

A colleague and friend passed yesterday morning after a too-short battle against the East Asian Curse, stomach cancer. James of Cupertino, California was a large man who never dressed up in lycra bike clothes, but friends, family and neighbors could still describe him as an avid cyclist. His fascination with bikes began in the early read more »

Stolen Google Campus Bike

Seen at the San Jose Bike Party last Friday night. Somewhere around here I have a phone number for a Google property manager who asked for reports of stolen campus bikes, but I can’t find that contact information at the moment. You can view my full set of photos from last Friday’s bike party over read more »

Bullitt Clockwork truck bike

Seen at San Jose Bike Party last Friday night: Matt’s Bullitt Clockwork cargo bicycle. The Bullitt truck bike is from Larry Vs Harry in Copenhagen and are available from various dealers in the USA and around the world. Matt commutes on this bike from his home in Silicon Valley, CA. The most obvious addition is read more »

South Bay Bike Party July 2012 photos

Last night’s “Olympic Ride” was by far the largest South Bay Bike Party I’ve ever seen. I think the previous record is 5,000, and I won’t be surprised if last night’s ride beat that.

Bike Party, BMX & Bike Expo

Andrew Taylor, Greg Watts, and Alex Reveles put on a renegade style demo in the back alley of a Home Depot during the Friday, October 15th San Jose Bike Party. They built their ramps, performed the demo for several hundred cyclists who showed up in the middle of the night, and then tore down after read more »