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San Jose Easter

If you’re in the South Bay and don’t have other plans this Easter Sunday, I invite you to my church at 878 Boynton Drive in San Jose, California. 10 AM “Resurrection Sunday Service,” and then a “Celebration Concert” at 6:30 PM. If you read Cyclelicious and think you’ll visit, I’d love to meet you. That read more »

Cyclocross arena for San Jose

Joe Carpenter of San Jose and Murphy Mack of San Francisco have been working on a proposal for a 60 acre cyclocross park for San Jose. They say they’ve received a “go ahead” to create this new CX venue from San Jose city staff.

25 years since Loma Prieta

I attended colleage in far away Texas when the Loma Prieta quake shook the Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay areas on this day in 1989. Disaster preparedness officials and local media are using the opportunity of this quarter century anniversary to remind people of the day when shaking famously interrupted the World Series game read more »

The man in charge of Bay Area Bike Share stations

Contest with a prize below so read through! Say hello to Mike. This San Francisco native has worked at Capital Bikeshare in DC for the past three years and jumped at the chance to move back to the Bay Area when Alta won the bid for our local bike share. His crew are mostly from read more »

Motorcycle awareness month

May is both national bike month and Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. In California, this means Caltrans posts “Watch for motorcycles” messages on their electronic Sigalert highway signs. What’s the impact of this enhanced safety awareness?

No driving for Mr Roadshow

My favorite and I think one of the most informed traffic columnists out there is Gary Richards aka “Mr Roadshow” of the San Jose Mercury News. Because of damage in his right foot due to severe neuropathy, his doctor has ordered him to limit his walking and no driving for six to eight months. Apparently, read more »