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Santa Cruz Wildcat

Update: Santa Cruz Wildcat 2011 photos here. The Santa Cruz Wildcat bike race is not your average alleycat race. There are mountains to climb, rivers to ford, sandy singletrack to bomb down, redwood trees to avoid, rock gardens to navigate and beaches to run across, so something sturdy and fast with gears is a Really read more »

Santa Cruz Wildcat 2008 photos

Josh Muir, owner of Frances Cycles in Santa Cruz, organized the Santa Cruz Wildcat alleycat race that took place last weekend. The Wildcat featured all of the traditional alleycat things — checkpoints, spoke cards, scavenger hunt, a total disregard for traffic laws and personal property, etc. — as well as some uniquely Santa Cruz features: read more »

Santa Cruz Wildcat

I almost forgot to mention this! Like it says on the poster: something like an alleycat, except we don’t really have “alleys” per se in Santa Cruz (population 55,000), so it’s more like a mountain bike race on beach sand trails. With fixed gear bikes. It’s kind of awesome. Geared commuter bikes complete with racks read more »

California Governor signs 3 foot passing bill (for real this time)

New and improved news, this time with actual FACT CHECKING! Legislative update from the office of California Governor Jerry Brown: 9-23-2013 SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced that he has signed the following bills:     … AB 1371 by Assemblymember Steven C. Bradford (D-Gardena) – Vehicles: bicycles: passing distance Read the read more »

Weekend report

It’s been a crazy week for me. The kids began school, and I’ve spent too much time watching the USA Pro Cycling Challenge that will finish up this weekend in Colorado. I even missed my usual Hump Day review, so I’ll make up for it with this weekend update.

Watch me wallabies feed, mate.

They’re a dangerous breed, mate. While you’re not looking, one of ’em just might sneak past you and win the Tour de France. Do I still need a spoilers warning?