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Santa Rosa bicycle boulevard

The city of Santa Rosa, California plans to convert Humboldt Street between Lewis Road and College Avenue into a “Bicycle Boulevard” to reduce speeding and cut through traffic, improve safety for all of the street users, and specifically increase safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. Humboldt Street was first identified as a potential bicycle route by read more »

Bicycle Extremists

The city of Santa Rosa, CA configured part of Humboldt Street into a Bicycle Boulevard as a pilot project last year. Some people don’t like sharing the road with their neighbors on bikes. Click here for the usual name-calling litany: extremist, insurgent, virus, arrogant, selfish. Don’t miss the brilliant commentary at All Hail the Black read more »

Bicycle news

For Earth Day, Jones Soda HQ in Seattle unplugged from the grid and is powering their office by bicycle. Details at Biking Bis. Karen tells me I look too young to have a teen son, so I owe her some link love. See also Karen’s Sea Otter race report. My friend the lovely Nan and read more »

45 MPH!

Maybe I should try this competitive Strava stuff all of the middle aged cyclists I know are into. Last week, I hit 45 MPH on a flat straightaway on Central Expressway, and kept it above 40 mph for the one mile from Shoreline Boulevard to about Whisman Road. That’s Mark Cavendish’s speed when he sprints read more »

Follow Friday: Randomly disjointed

Product Recall: Zefal threaded CO2 cartridge inflators can blow up in your hand. This model was sold exclusively at Walmart. Trek built up a black and yellow District just for Lance Armstrong. Includes a yellow Gates belt made custom just for this project. Portland, OR and the magically disappearing bike lanes. Really cool bicycle painting. read more »