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Those scofflaw cyclists

Where: Ringwood Avenue, Menlo Park, California. When: This morning. Who: The guy riding the bicycle in front of me. What: He almost got creamed by a left turning car. Why: Because the ditz on a bike completely blew through a stop sign at the all-way stop. The left turning car driver very clearly had the read more »

Scofflaw cyclists

I wish I had more time to write about it because I have much to say, but briefly: From Streetsblog: “Having observed New York City traffic enforcement pretty closely these last three years as editor of Streetsblog, I can safely offer the following advice to would-be murderers: If you ever need to kill someone in read more »

Scofflaw cyclists!

WashCycle has a great post on the myth of the scofflaw cyclist. It’s a good read — go check it out. “Nun on her bicycle” by Πλάτων. There’s stuff besides the Tour de France going on: Tyler Hamilton won a race. Via Tyler’s biggest fan. CycleDog posts a Trail Etiquette Primer. A must read for read more »

Fewer injury crashes after Tampa police stop ticketing cyclists

TL;DR summary: Injury bicycle crashes dropped 19 percent after Tampa police stopped writing tickets to scofflaw cyclists when a newspaper investigation revealed possible racial bias in the department’s targeted enforcement.

Targeted stop sign enforcement for cyclists?

I’m reading the minutes for the Santa Cruz County, California Community Traffic Safety Coalition (CTSC) and see the comment from the person who represents pedestrian advocacy in Santa Cruz regarding cyclists who roll stop signs. People on bikes should follow the rules of the road, but are scofflaw cyclists enough of a problem to warrant read more »

Radicals, conservatives, liberals, progressives, and cyclists

How do you radicalize bike riders? I wasn’t always a wild-eyed anti-car bike radical. I, and probably thousands of other people like me, were just people who liked to get around by bike. I had no particular “bicycle idealogy.” I accepted that our transportation network was built for cars and made myself fit in by read more »