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Traffic police, Facebook, and scofflaw motorists

The traffic police started a Facebook page two months ago, and almost immediately residents became digital informants. Using the pictures, the Delhi Traffic Police have issued 665 tickets, using the license plate numbers shown in the photos to track vehicle owners. Almost 50 of the tickets issued based on photos on the site were given read more »

Scofflaw motorists

While there is a public perception that cyclists are usually the cause of accidents between cars and bikes, an analysis of Toronto police collision reports shows otherwise: The most common type of crash in this study involved a motorist entering an intersection and either failing to stop properly or proceeding before it was safe to read more »

Scofflaw motorists

Everybody’s doin’ it. You know those motorists who complain that cyclists never obey traffic laws? You should read their whiny comments about “speed traps” and “quotas,” along with the requisite links to sites to help you break the law. Por ejample: “They are indiscriminate in who they stop and stop people for the most trivial read more »

Rolling stops and scofflaw…. motorists?

Welcome to Cyclelicious. Take the quiz and see how well you do. Answers immediately below. 1. Motorists in Portland, Oregon come to a legal, complete stop at stop signs how often? 92% of the time 62% 44% 22% If you answered 92%, you’re not even close. 62% and 44% aren’t right either. The Portland (OR) read more »

The ethicist says “It’s okay to be a scofflaw”

Randy Cohen who formerly wrote “The Ethicist” column in the New York Times says it’s ethical to run red lights on a bicycle.

Scofflaw cyclists

I wish I had more time to write about it because I have much to say, but briefly: From Streetsblog: “Having observed New York City traffic enforcement pretty closely these last three years as editor of Streetsblog, I can safely offer the following advice to would-be murderers: If you ever need to kill someone in read more »