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Delaware ditches “Share the Road” signs

The Delaware Department of Transportation announced last November that they would stop using the ambiguous “Share the Road” sign. For the rationale, I’m going to copy the entire article by James Wilson, executive director of Bike Delaware, and Mark Luszcz, chief traffic engineer of the Delaware Department of Transportation, as published in the Institute of read more »

Share the Road in Lexington, Kentucky

“Pass With Care / Share the Road, People.” Seen on the back of a Lextran bus.

Be Courteous, Share the Road

Lane sharing with a truck. Sign approaching a small construction zone in Santa Cruz, California.

Share the Road, Santa Cruz, California

Car drivers, bike riders, and train passengers all share the road in Santa Cruz, California.

Jake Shimabukuro says Share the Road

Japanese-American ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro has a safety tip for bicycles and drivers to be in harmony in a video advert from the Hawaii Bicycle League and sponsored by Farmers Insurance.

1940: Shell Gas Share the Road club

I ran across an ad campaign from 1938 to 1940 for a “Share the Road Club” from Shell Gasoline. The gist of the message from this club: “I’m more important than you, so get out of my way!”