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Rethinking Sheldon Brown’s lock technique

On his lock strategy page, Sheldon Brown (RIP) recommends locking a bike by securing the rear wheel inside the rear triangle with a U lock. A YouTube video shows Sheldon might be wrong!

Who is the new Sheldon Brown?

One of the things that made the late great Sheldon Brown so absolutely fantastic was his friendly eagerness to share his encyclopedic knowledge of all things bicycle. “Captain Bike” participated very actively in the wreck.bikes Usenet discussion forums as well as on Bike Forums and other online forums through his AOL account. He responded to read more »

Happy Birthday, Sheldon Brown

Happy Birthday, Sheldon, wherever you may be on your eternal bike tour. I’ll ride my bike today in your honor 🙂

Sheldon Brown memorials

Be sure to visit the Sheldon Brown memorial for your comments. People are also leaving comments at Sheldon Brown’s MySpace page as well as his Facebook page. Harris Cyclery says a memorial service will be scheduled for March. I’m sure it will be huge. One of the best obituaries I read came from Sheldon’s friend read more »

Sheldon Brown

Sheldon Brown aka “Captain Bike” aka Carapace Completed Umber passed last night of a massive heart attack. I’ve communicated with him numerous times on Usenet and via email, but the closest I came to meeting him was seeing him from across the floor at Interbike. The man was a wonderful wonderful soul, very giving and read more »

Sheldon Brown’s Interbike 2007 report

I looked for Sheldon Brown at Interbike. I did see him across the way once, but he was whizzing away on his electric scooter and he disappeared. I missed this earlier, but Sheldon posted his own Interbike 2007 updates at his website. He notes the trend toward commuter bikes, especially high end expensive commuters bikes, read more »