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Shiny new bikes

I’m seeing a lot of shiny new bikes on Caltrain lately. Murph’s using new bikes as a pickup line. Remember the hullabaloo about Chicago’s new bike-friendly traffic laws? Police have issued 233 citations on the new law between March 12 and May 31. Coping with $5 gasoline. Slashdot mentions bikes! Montreal’s public bike system looks read more »

California: Bill to require rear-facing flashing white lights for bikes

Newly minted Assembly Member Kansen Chu, who represents a big chunk of Alameda and Santa Clara Counties in the San Francisco Bay Area, introduced a bill that would mandate rear-facing flashing white lights for bicycles operated at night. Yes, really. Alternatively, the cyclists may wear reflective gear in place of the light.

Fatbikes at Sea Otter 2013

I saw a couple of new fat tire bikes at the Sea Otter expo in Monterey, California last weekend.

A New Car! for People for Bikes

Last January Volkswagen announced a two-year partnership with the Bikes Belong Foundation and People for Bikes (PFB), which means PFB now has a shiny new car to show off at their bike show booth, where staffers ask people to sign their petition asking legislators for more bike facility funding.

Free bikes! Free bikes! and more free bikes!

  There are several contests happening right now where the prize is a SHINY BRAND NEW BICYCLE. I’ve been meaning to put together a post listing all of these contest, but hey look! Shelly did the hard work for me and you and lists those contests here at Riding Pretty. Thanks, Shelly!

Guys without bikes m4w

Craigslist missed connections and guys with bikes… I mentioned it way back when but this classic best of CL is making the rounds again and it’s worth another mention: this guy is confused by women’s fascination with bicycles in CL missed connections. It seems you hardly even saw the dude, so transfixed as you were read more »