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Thursday forecast: PRs and KOMs if the widowmakers don’t get you

Everybody’s talking about the Flash Flood and High Wind Warnings for the San Francisco Bay Area. Do you see what I see in the Thursday hourly forecast for San Jose, California?

Cycling in the rain

I hear it’s raining heavily in some parts of the United States. This full coverage bike rain suit is getting lots of mention, but even with all the ventilation that thing looks like a sauna to me. And it’s not available until next Spring. The best solution, in my opinion? Full coverage fenders and more read more »

Feet dry

During our epic rainstorm here in northern California a couple of weeks ago, I was a little bummed because my usual shoe drying solutions are no longer available. My ski boot & glove dryer I used to keep in the office caught on fire, and the other office standby — a hot CRT computer monitor read more »

DWR Care

DWR stands for Durable Water Repellent and is the coating used on breathable but waterproof outerwear. All of my raingear is a few years old. If you’re riding in the rain like I am this week, you may be discovering that your DWR raingear is not has durable or repellent as it used to be. read more »