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Shout out to bike nerds

It’s been good to meet up with several people in the big world of bicycling. This Web 2.0 thing is partly about social networking and it’s nifty to connect the world of the web with meat world while I was at the Tour of California race start in Sausalito today. Say hello to Bob Mionske, read more »

July Bike Party Photos

I had other plans tonight but had about an hour free so I hit the start of tonight’s San Jose Bike Party.

Veronica Belmont’s new bicycle

Technology nerd and podcaster Veronica Belmont has a new bicycle — the Swobo Novak. Here she is riding the bike in San Francisco, California. . H/T to Noah. See also Shout Out to Bike Nerds.

Sky Yeager interview

Sky Yaeger is the designer behind the bikes at Swobo. Before going to Swobo, Sky worked for Bianchi USA for 17 years where we she the product manager responsible for bikes like San Jose. Forbes of Cycloculture, “a journal for real world cyclists,” interviewed Sky and asked about her design influences. See the interview here. read more »

Follow Friday: Copenhagenize San Francisco

I spent the morning in San Francisco for Mikael Colville-Anderson’s “Copenhagenize” talk at the SPUR building and met a few bikey people I’ve known online but hadn’t met in the real world yet. It was great meeting you all! First of all is the famous Pope Mikael himself. I even kissed his… ring! He’s the read more »

Amgen Tour of California: Sausalito report

The first stage of the Amgen Tour of California is now in the history books. The crowds at the start in Sausalito were magnificent, with thousands of fans enthusiastically cheering on their favorites cyclists. Hundreds lined up outside the team van of High Road waiting for George Hincapie, then shouted encouragement when he stepped from read more »