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Snow bicycle

Parked bikes at the King Street Metro Station in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia over the weekend. Kabul, Afghanistan doesn’t have quite as much snow on the ground as the two feet dumped on in the DC area. This cyclist rides past the destroyed Darul-Aman palace in Kabul.

Snow plow vs bicycle

Photo by Al’s brother-in-law in Boston, MA. When a snow plow damages private property like this, what’s the process for the property owner to seek remuneration? How often do snow plow operators have to replace things like sign posts and mailboxes, for example?

Bicycle snow plow

It’s been at least a year since somebody has mentioned David Peterson’s bicycle snow plow. Peterson rides his bike seven miles to his job at Fermilab in Chicago Chicagoland. When he built this snow plow for his bicycle several years ago, the bike paths he took to work weren’t plowed, so he started walking to read more »

Eddie Murphy rode a bicycle

Eddie Murphy as “Norbit” races his bicycle to save an orphanage (and wins). News of his Eddie Murphy’s death in a snowboard accident, incidentally, are apparently exaggerated.

Snow day reading

I lived in Wichita Falls, Texas for a while (before that monstrosity of an elevated freeway was constructed straight over downtown), and one distinct memory I have is that of a whole long line of police cars responding to an accident on the north side of town during an unusually wintry day. I watched from read more »

Tea Party candidate rides a bicycle

Tea Party activist and Congressional candidate Jim Schneller of Delaware County, Pennsylvania gets around almost exclusively by bicycle and public transportation.