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500 miles for July

My oversized gut proves I haven’t biked nearly as much as I should have so far this year, so I’ve committed myself to 500 miles of riding for the month of July. Let’s see how far I get. I won’t spoil the Stage 2 TdF yet, but today’s stage winner has been trending all morning read more »

Bikes = Economic Catastrophe

Will the US DOT recent policy change giving equal weight for multiple transportation modes result in ‘economic catastrophe’? US Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood’s March 15 policy announcement favoring bicycle transportation received a lot of favorable press from bike wonks like you and I. The National Association of Manufacturers fears the impact this policy could have read more »


On August 29, 2009, I had the following Letter to the Editor published in The Cape Breton Post: OK, enough is enough. Every day on my way home I encounter the same three cyclists on Kings Road, all riding on the sidewalk against traffic. Putting aside that riding this way carries seven to nine times read more »

Cycling photography tips

I’m not that great of a photographer — I’m lousy at composition, for example, and I’m not all that creative — but I do know a few things. If you’re standing along the route of a bicycle race and want to get that great shot, here are some handy tips for you. Get close to read more »

Bicycle blog

I didn’t run into Dorky Doug today, though I led BionX Boy and Java Man in to work at a nice 24 mph pace. I’m loving this week’s Bay Area weather, and it looks like every other bike commuter is also. Caltrain was packed and it’s only February. If you plan to bring your bike read more »

We’re number 2!

The Texas Transportation Institute reports that San Francisco Bay Area traffic is 2nd worst in the nation behind Los Angeles. Guess what, motorists — it’s not cyclists that slow you down on the road, it’s all of them other cars that hinder your progress! The Texas Transportation Institute provides several reasons to ride a bike read more »