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Someone stole my bike

I’m watching the videos at Someone stole my bike, where people tell their stolen bike stories. My favorite story is Kristy’s; she chased the thief down, grabbed his backpack and yanked him off of her bike.

82 year old’s stolen bike recovered

When Heidi Yeglic got the call that someone had found her stolen bike, she almost cried. It’s exactly what the Penticton senior did while offering a few words of thanks to the man who spotted her bike that had been missing since a thief stole it from the doorsteps of her friend’s house last month. read more »

Stolen bike recovery story

The players: Joe, a cop who’s also a Cat 3 road racer and Cat B Cyclocross racer. Brigitte, a racer who commutes on a $7000 Serotta. Mr. Pudge, a ratty overweight dirtbag in sneakers who stole Brigitte’s bike right off of the light rail train. Matthew, the guy who saw Brigitte’s bike at a Wells read more »

Yolo County bicycle hit & run ends with police dog takedown

Update: Sac Bee reports 38-year-old driver Alamar Houston will be charged with two counts of attempted murder, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and felony driving under the influence of drugs. Two 17-year-old cyclists were seriously injured, one of them critically. 51-year-old Donald Dumaine (whose story is recounted below) suffered road rash when read more »

Sherlock Holmes: The Solitary Cyclist

Among the 13 stories published in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Return of Sherlock Holmes is “The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist,” in which a Victorian gal on a bike is stalked by a fixie riding hipster.

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