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Winter Spare the Air

Everybody’s talking about the horrendous air pollution in Beijing, where the US Embassy posts their PM2.5 measurements online. As of today, the PM2.5 results in an Air Quality Index of 105. Anything between 101 and 150 is considered “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups.” In the meantime, the San Francisco Bay Area Air Quality Management District has read more »

Thursday June 12: Spare the Air

Thursday, June 12 will be a Spare the Air day in the San Francisco Bay Area. Concentrations of ground-level ozone pollution are forecast to be unhealthy tomorrow. Clear skies, hot temperatures, and light winds will combine to produce poor air quality for the Bay Area. Commuters are asked to help prevent smog tomorrow by using read more »

Bay Area Spare the Air August 29

Wednesday, August 29th is a Spare the Air/Free Transit day in the San Francisco Bay Area. On BART, Caltrain, the ACE train and the ferries, transit will be free until 1 PM. Transit will be free all day on Bay Area buses and light rail. That means the train bike cars and bus and light read more »

Lance Armstrong in Vanity Fair

Armstrong talks with VF reporter Douglas Brinkley. Brinkley writes about water, Armstrong’s kids, politics, the media, Armstrong’s private label wine (!), his immense house, Don Rickles, cancer, doping, the European press, the French etc, but the news everybody wants to know is: are the rumors true? “Look,” he insists, “I plan on holding a press read more »

Airbag for cyclists

It’s for motorcyclists, not bicyclists, but I can kind of see how something like this might work for bicyclists. The video demonstrates the Dainese D Air racing air bag system, which is designed for use in Dainese motorcycle racing suits. Bicyclists don’t tend to wear much protective gear — we’re usually much slower than motorcycle read more »

No front wheel? No problem!

Happy Friday, all. Mad biker skillz. Via Paul in Montana. Shell gives away free gasoline on a Spare the Air Day. Scientific American: City Cyclists Suck In Soot. Selling bike commuting in Houston, TX. ZipCar gets stupid; bike nerds respond. 45 day belt drive maintenance. This just seems odd: Gel fuel recall for burn hazard. read more »