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Some of the sports headlines I saw today and yesterday… Ziegler sets record in A’s 6-5 victory over Rangers Johnson pitches Diamondbacks past the Giants Carlos Sastre wins doping-scarred race I have’t listened to it yet, but David promised to rant about this on today’s edition of The Spokesmen cycling podcast. In my view, the read more »

Consider Q when bunny hopping that sagging chain

Bunny hopping — the ability to jump your bike over small barriers — can be a helpful urban cycling skill. Consider, however, the sagging chain barrier. These are commonly used to block motorists from using parking lots as shortcuts.

Cyclist amputates foot to free shoelace from chainring

Shout out to Jim aka “Bikerly” from Minnesota. He’s in Santa Cruz this week and camping out in my garage. He has more bicycles than me! (Not Bikerly)

Recreational computing while commuting

Happy Hump Day. I hope your Wednesday has been as free of flats as mine as been so far. I began the day writing and running my first ever Android app — a trivial “Hello World” program — during my 30 minute bus ride over the Santa Cruz Mountains. After that, I rode seven uneventul read more »