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Furry disc wheels

It looks like somebody in San Francisco decided to take some revenge on furry creatures that jump in front of bikes. Better than this, I suppose. See more at Velo Vogue -> Homme Cro-Magnon à vélo.

SRAM 2012 Red test ride

Not long ago, I had opportunity to put a few miles on a SRAM 2012 Red equipped bike.

Charity rides

Turning Wheel for Kids cycling team wants to raise $60,000. This Bay Area group build bikes for kids in need, and they’re using the July 10 Death Ride as a fundraising opportunity. (Via Jodi in the Bay Area)

Everyday adventure

How does your everyday adventure look? This is me on a fixed gear bike, 1850 feet above sea level and about 10 miles from home on a fixed gear bicycle. And this is the story of how I got there.

Mini velo bicycles now in USA

Minivelo style bicycles from Organic Wheels and Rad Innovations. “Minivelo” bicycles are bicycles with small, 20″ wheels but with road or city / hybrid bike design influences rather than the BMX bike look. Though at a glance these compact bicycles look like they might be folders, they’re not typically folding bicycles. Because the small size read more »

Bicycle nerds

I wrote over the weekend that there were 40,000 people at Maker Faire. It turns out that was last year’s attendance — this year, an estimated 70,000 people showed up just on Saturday. Cell phone reception was the pits, probably because the cell network was overwhelmed with so many technology nerds all using their phones read more »