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Stolen bike recovery story

The players: Joe, a cop who’s also a Cat 3 road racer and Cat B Cyclocross racer. Brigitte, a racer who commutes on a $7000 Serotta. Mr. Pudge, a ratty overweight dirtbag in sneakers who stole Brigitte’s bike right off of the light rail train. Matthew, the guy who saw Brigitte’s bike at a Wells read more »

Bike stolen from 10 year old returned to owner

The same day Santa Cruz Ecology Action got kids at Delaveaga Elementary School in Santa Cruz to register their bikes, a thief stole one of the bikes from a 10 year girl. When the bike was later found abandoned, police were able to return the bike to its rightful owner.

No driving for Mr Roadshow

My favorite and I think one of the most informed traffic columnists out there is Gary Richards aka “Mr Roadshow” of the San Jose Mercury News. Because of damage in his right foot due to severe neuropathy, his doctor has ordered him to limit his walking and no driving for six to eight months. Apparently, read more »

2013 year in review for bicycling

Happy Holidays, faithful readers. Each year I try to track bicycle news of note for the year. You might notice a regional focus. How many of these items do you remember? What have I missed?

1943 Huffy

Ruth Slovenski is my hero. She rides a blue 1943 Huffy bicycle with a basket to get around. The cool thing — Ruth is older than the bike: she’s 83 years old. She got the bicycle as a gift from her parents when she was a teenager in 1943. It’s the only bicycle she’s ever read more »

Detroit to enforce bicycle registration

More and more people I know are riding their bikes to work and to get around. I’m also hearing a lot more about bike theft. It’s mostly from newbies who don’t know how to lock their bikes effectively, but that’s not always the case. It seems like I’m also seeing more bike theft notices posted read more »