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Streetsblog Network

Streetsblog announced the the Streetsblog Network, which brings together more than than 100 blogs to create a place where people who blog on smart growth, livable streets and sustainable transportation issues can come together and learn from each other. California blogs in the Streetsblog Network so far include Green Wheels in Humboldt County, The Overhead read more »

Streetsblog expands to Capitol Hill

The Streetsblog network has expanded to the US Capital in Washington DC to cover Federal transportation policy and issues. From the good people at Streetsblog: With major transportation, climate and energy legislation coming before Congress in the next year or two we felt that it was critical to have a talented journalist down in Washington read more »

About that 8.7% jump in cyclist fatalities

Just released US NHTSA data shows bike fatalities in 2011 are up 8.7% in spite of an overall 2% decrease in traffic fatalities. Pedestrian fatalities are also up 3%.

Transpo bill cuts Safe Routes, bicycle funding

It appears the rumors about California Senator Barbara Boxer caving to Republican pressure are at least partially true: The final product of a conference committee drafting the next Federal transportation funding bill cuts spending on the Safe Routes to School program and Transportation Enhancements.

Life Sentence For Murder of Dutch Bike Shop Owner

I’m writing this Thursday night, but when this posts Friday morning I’ll hopefully be riding with the Santa Cruz To Google (SC2G) crew through various Mid Peninsula Open Space trail on an epic road + dirt commute to work over the Santa Cruz Mountains. Wish me luck.

Trackstand Kim

My photo of Kim Capriotti trackstanding in front of the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas was my most popular photo yesterday on Flickr. Kim’s a professional photographer from Chicago. I think a girl watching site linked to the photo. Bike news and stuff below the fold.