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Studded tires for winter cycling

I’ve done a lot of winter cycling on icy roads on various tires, and I can’t emphasize enough what a difference studded tires make. Studded tires are the difference between dangerous and hesitant riding to confident cycling and maneuvering.

DIY studded bicycle tires

Handy dandy video from the University of Minnesota.

Giveaway: Used Nashbar 26" studded tire

Update: @jdoggny in New York gets this tire. I own one Nashbar 26″ studded tire. As you can see in the photo, the tire is well used and missing a handful of studs, but it still does a fine job gripping the ice and keeping you upright on your bicycle. There’s not much of a read more »

$24 studded tire

Get ’em while they’re hot — 700 x 35 Innova studded tires from AE Bike for $24, March 4 & 5 only. Innova studded tires have a reputation for losing their studs, and the center-mounted studs wear out quickly. Still, the price can be tempting for somebody who wants to give studded tires a try. read more »

Slip on winter spikes for winter bikes

Here’s an interesting riff on the basic tire chain by Dutch designer Cesar Van Rongen. A set of flexible plastic strips are attached by two pieces of wire (think of a tire bead) that is wrapped over the tire and tightened into place. Studs in these strips provide traction. Easy on / easy off, according read more »

2010 cyclist gift guide

It’s time for my annual holiday gift guide for the cyclist in your life.