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Student killed riding bike to school

Inspired by Anna’s comment about safety while biking to school, I Googled for “student killed riding bike to school” and got 71,000 results. How about “student killed driving to school“? 11,200,000 results. And school districts succeed in banning cycling and walking to school while ignoring the real safety issue, enforcing mandatory car ownership with State read more »

13-year-old Cyclist Killed in Traffic Accident

The city of Alameda, California, is known for its flat topography, low traffic volume, a near city-wide 25 MPH speed limit, and bike-friendliness. Alameda is my home, and I feel quite safe riding around town with my 9-year-old son. My sense of safety is shaken today. The life of Brandon Sorensen, a well-liked student at read more »